SSPLUSGROUP Tourism and Real Estate

About Us

As SSPlusGroup, we have been serving in all branches of our tourism company, especially the real estate sector, for many years. As a Marmaris-based company, we continue our existence in yacht charter, daily tour organizations, dental health tourism, hair transplant and aesthetic tourism, which are branches of health tourism. Together with our foreign business partners, we also guide our investors in the real estate sector. While directing our business from our travel agency and main office, which started operating in Marmaris in 2019, we continue our presence in the sector by adding our Cappadocia and Bodrum offices to our structure. Our mission is to provide the best service to our guests who come from abroad and prefer us, offer the best holiday opportunity, and help them achieve the best health or appearance they want.

Future Vision

To provide health tourism services and real estate consultancy in Turkey to our worldwide customers.

Our Mission

In all the services we provide in Turkey, our priority is to deliver quality service to you in the most appropriate way.

What are we doing?

From the moment you step into Turkey, we will offer you the best service with our wide service network, experienced and dynamic team.

Our services & Our Websites

Our websites and the categories we serve are listed below.